Volunteers visit the Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center.

Each year Trees, Water & People has over 100 volunteers and interns who help with our program and administrative tasks. Last year, more than 5,000 hours of their time, talent, and expertise were donated!

Volunteers and interns contribute a number of different ways, some of which include stuffing mail, drafting grant proposals, translating documents, weeding in our garden, conducting research, assisting with outreach at local events, and working at off-site projects like planting trees on tribal lands.

Intern or a volunteer?

Trees, Water & People has 4-6 internships available every fall, spring, and summer. Every intern is expected to work between 5-10 hours a week and there is the possibility of receiving school credit for students that are interested. Our rolling application deadlines are April 1st for summer internships, June 1st for fall internships, and November 1st for spring internships.

Be an intern

Volunteers do many tasks from cleaning our garden on Remington Street to helping replant areas of Fort Collins to stuffing envelopes for our mailings. We often have a need for on-going volunteers who can come into our office and help on a weekly basis.

We know that people are busy, but if you are interested in a volunteer experience that does not require a regular time commitment, you can still help by becoming an on-call volunteer. Check out our current volunteer opportunities below or sign up for our email alerts to get notifications about upcoming events.

Lakota girls pick vegetables from Solar Warrior Farm.