Over the last six months, we have been saddened to watch thousands of families make the impossible decision to leave their homes, in search of a better life. We recognize that many of the reasons people migrate are not always based on choice. Whether a family is forced to flee their native country from a lack of economic opportunity or environmental and political challenges, it is never an easy decision.

That is why this summer, we want you to be a part of something transformational with us. Thanks to an anonymous donor, we have a $40,000 match in effect until July 31st that will support Honduran families living near the Montecillos Biological Reserve with clean cookstoves, tree nurseries, farmer training, water storage, and more.

$41,440 raised of $40,000


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Solutions that work

We don’t believe in uni-dimensional solutions to multi-dimensional problems. With local leaders at the forefront, we combine appropriate technology, leadership development, community-operated tree nurseries, agroforestry, and rainwater collection and storage to enable communities to be resilient in the face of climate change—equipped with the tools, know-how, and confidence to keep their families thriving, and not just surviving.

Together we can accomplish:

  • Opening, and expanding community tree nurseries in 19 communities - 350,000 trees planted by 2021
  • Installation of Justa Clean Cookstoves - 1,000 total by 2021
  • Farmer-to-farmer training in organic agriculture and agroforestry - 10 community gardens, and 100 family gardens by 2021
  • Installation of family and community rainwater storage tanks - 500 by 2021
  • Improving family rainwater systems with expanded gutter systems
  • Improving community rainwater system design with option for potable-water with integrated catchment basins and filters - complete 5 prototypes and 5 installations by 2021