la Lucha Sigue - Support Relief efforts in Central America

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Hurricane Eta dumped over three feet of rain on Central America in 24 hours, causing rivers to break their banks, taking roads, bridges, crops, and entire communities with them. Nicaragua, Honduras, and Guatemala have been hit the hardest, including the regions where our partners are located. This is a major humanitarian disaster in countries struggling to recover from COVID-19, and where over 5MM people were already in need of food support when the hurricane hit.

Trees, Water & People was founded on the heels of Hurricane Mitch in 1998, and works every day to make communities more resilient against climate change. We are turning our partners and colleagues into an emergency response network with access to communities throughout the region.

Climate Migration will be one of the greatest challenges of our lifetimes, as millions of people face forced and perhaps permanent displacement due to climate related events.

Donate Now to alleviate the suffering today, and let’s all stay focused on creating durable solutions for these communities over the long-term.

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La Lucha Sigue - Support relief efforts in Central America

La Lucha Sigue

Support relief efforts in Central America

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