Good Tree Roast Coffee

Good Tree Roast Coffee

On June 3rd, 2018, Volcán Fuego erupted in southern Guatemala, unleashing a massive pyroclastic flow of hot ash and rock that raced down the mountain’s southern flank. Tragically, hundreds of people lost their lives, while many others lost their homes. Among those displaced were 225 families of the village of La Trinidad, one of TWP’s partner communities where we built clean cookstoves with our partner, Utz Che’ in 2017. Sadly, it was too risky for the families of La Trinidad to return to their homes and the eruption damaged most of their coffee crop.

Thanks to support from TWP’s community shortly after the disaster last year, we have been able to work with Utz Che’ to help the people of La Trinidad find a new farm to call home! It will be a long road to recovery, but we are committed to their long-term success. In addition, we are thrilled to announce that we have forged a direct-sourcing relationship between the farmers of La Trinidad, as well as the Guatemalan communities of La Bendición and El Tarral, and Fort Collins coffee roaster, Jackie’s Java! This partnership will allow farmers to receive a fair price for their coffee, without having to pay fees for middlemen, and access to an international market for the first time.

This is the first time TWP donors will be able to purchase a product from the very communities you support! Purchase a single bag or join our coffee club and have coffee delivered to your home each month. Either way, by directly buying coffee from the farmers we work with, you will be supporting sustainable livelihoods with $5 of every bag going back to the farmers.

Good Tree Coffee (Single Bag)

Enjoy a delicous bag of Guatemalan coffee and support farmers in Guatemala with each sip.

$13.50 / bag + $5.00 flat shipping


Good Tree Coffee Subscription

Subscribe and save! Get $1.00 off per bag and have 2 bags of coffee delivered each month.

$25.00 / 2 bags per month + $5.00 flat shipping

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