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On Sunday June 3rd, 2018, Volcán Fuego erupted in Southern Guatemala, unleashing a massive pyroclastic flow that tore down the mountain’s southern flank at 50 mph. 300 are dead or missing while thousands were evacuated to relief shelters. Currently, recovery efforts have ceased and transportation in the area have been paralyzed, leaving the displaced indefinitely separated from their homes and livelihoods.

We honor and appreciate everything that you do to help vulnerable communities like La Trinidad when they need it most. We could not do this work without your help. You will continue to see this crisis featured throughout the month of July as we garner aid and public support for the communities of Guatemala impacted by this natural disaster.

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Pyroclastic flow from the volcano ruined crops and is forcing families to relocate from their homes as the road giving access to the community was also destroyed.

A coffee plant ruined from the pyroclastic flow and ash.


With your support, we will be able to help the community to:

  • Conduct a risk analysis and quantification of agricultural and material losses in La Trinidad *over 90% of their coffee crop is estimated to be gone.
  • Create a legal fund which will guide them as they seek titles to their agricultural lands, and find a new place to call home.
  • Fund logistics related to community organizing (e.g. transportation, lodging, food, and fuel) and assistance provided by Utz Che’.
  • Lead a communications effort to document the resettlement process for legal and PR support.

We honor and appreciate everything that our grassroots donors do for communities that TWP works alongside with, and we genuinely hope that you will come together with us, in this time of crisis to help these vulnerable communities when they need it most.

This is the third time in a generation that the community has been displaced - the first in 1985 as refugees to Chiapas, Mexico while fleeing a genocidal Civil War, the second in 1998 when they returned to Guatemala only to be later assigned lands in the high-risk region of Volcán Fuego.

Guatemalan man stands in front of historic mural.