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Since 2000, Trees, Water & People has worked with the local non-governmental organization PROLEÑA to introduce clean cookstoves to Nicaragua, where 90% of deforestation is attributed to the use of fuelwood and more than 80% of the urban and rural poor in Nicaragua still cook with wood. The Ecostove helps reduce deforestation and improves the quality of women and children's health by removing toxic smoke from the kitchen.

In 2004, TWP and PROLEÑA began the Pro-Tortilla Program with the goal of improving the health, economic, and working conditions of small, women-owned tortilla and street vendor businesses in Nicaragua through the introduction of Ecostoves. The program allows women to purchase these clean cookstoves at a subsidized price for use in their businesses, improving the health of the women who use them while also protecting the environment.

Deforestation due to domestic and commercial wood consumption is compounded by the fact that Nicaragua is the poorest country in Central America. Our reforestation programs are focused on helping halt deforestation along the Pacific coastal region, where the majority of Nicaragua's population lives.

In an effort to continue our work educating local people and sharing knowledge across borders, we started the development of the Nicaraguan Center for Forests, Energy & Climate in 2013. When completed, this new facility will be an educational resource where communities can learn about renewable energy, forest management, clean cookstoves, and clean energy solutions. In addition, we will develop the Center as a global facility, where citizens from around the world will be empowered with the skills needed to adapt to climate change in their region.

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Former International Coordinator, Claudia Menendez (standing), visits a Nicaraguan tree nursery. A Nicaraguan woman shows off her Emelda cookstove. An employee at the Nicaraguan cookstove factory manufactures metal pieces for the Ecostove. View more photos of Nicaragua